Florencia Mitchell

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My name is Florencia Mitchell, I`m an Industrial Engineer from Argentina. Deeply motivated by the environmental challenges we face and its social implications, for the last 6 years I have been part of a local NGO back home where I had the chance to be involved in projects about Greenhouse Gasses Inventories, Renewable Energy and public awareness. 

Kirsi Kotilainen

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Kirsi holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Economics from Tampere University of Technology, Finland and has substantial experience from international business development, strategy and marketing roles from the private sector.  During her time at Nokia Corporation Kirsi was one of the pioneers in building Nokia’s digital ecosystem. She also led Nokia’s mobile game developer relations, built strategy for entering mobile Health Tech business in developing countries and launched one of the Nokia’s first consumer Internet services (photo and video sharing). Kirsi is passionate about innovation and loves to work in challenging projects that are related to new technology commercialization and entering new business areas. Kirsi also has a soft spot for Asia Pacific as she has spent five years in total in the region.

Kirsi is currently focusing on her Ph.D. research on prosumer role in the energy industry transition towards flexible, intelligent and efficient energy systems based on renewable energy resources; the project allows her to utilize her experience and enthusiasm related to industry evolution and launching innovative concepts as well as enables her to learn about energy markets, energy efficiency, and environmental challenges.

Daniela Pani

Daniela Pani was born in Sardinia. She has a first degree in Geological Sciences (marine geophysics); a PhD in Geophysical exploration of Geo-resources and a Diploma Degree (DIC) in Geological Remote Sensing at the Imperial College in London, a Master in Global Climate Change.She studies the Earth, from the surface to the sea, passing through the underground world using surveying instruments from Space. A sounded experience in Remote Sensing, she has written over 50 scientific papers and books on her fields of expertise and she is in charge of two university courses. She has participated to numerous scientific oceanographic cruises for surveying the Mediterranean seabed, being part of the scientific working groups for the establishment of national parks and marine protected areas. As an expert geo-consultant she collaborates with the Sardinia Government (Italy) since 2003, taking part at several projects concerning environmental protection and monitoring. She is currently permanent staff at the Risk Forecasting and Prevention and Emergency Management Department of the Italian General Directorate of Civil Protection.

She studied and works in the Space industry, first with EUMETSAT (European Agency for the monitoring of climate and environment) and is currently playing the role of Coordinator of the Scientific Committee of the Aerospace District of Sardinia (DASS).

Carina Vogelsberger


Carina is currently doing her Bachelors in Peace and Conflict Studies and Sociology at Malmö University in Sweden and the University of Innsbruck in Austria. Through her studies, she developed a specific interest in environmental and energy security and their relation to conflict prevention and post-conflict reconstruction. Through this year’s summer school in Geneva, she hopes to gain deeper insights into the policy dimensions of this relation and the perspectives of practitioners in the field.

Alberto Serena

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Born in Venice in 1989, I am a very motivated Renewable Energy Engineer. I participated in the design of small energy conversion systems, especially of wind and water flows. Graduated in Energy Engineering – Specialization Renewable Sources (University of Padua), I have just finalized a Doctoral Degree in Energy and Process Engineering (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). For the Master Thesis, I was assigned the design of a novel electricity generator from ocean waves, which was funded by the Eurogia + Programme, a very inspiring experience! My background has covered both the mechanical, electrical and thermal aspects of energy conversion.

Recently, I have turned my interest and energies to Rural Electrification and Sustainable Development: I would really love to contribute to a fair development of the entire World!I am very passionate about sustainability themes, both linked to people resilience, local energy generation and food production. I really care about the presentation of the energy conversion systems to non-technical people, starting from children and young students, as I am truly convinced that an understanding of the different energy sources and conversion concepts, with their mechanisms, footprints, and impact on human beings and eco-systems, can improve people motivation towards a more sustainable society and resources exploitment.

Laurene Bazman

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Laurène is a 23 years old swiss student currently doing her bachelor in International Relations at the University of Geneva. Therefore she has developed a genuine interest for world diplomacy and environmental issues. However, her concerns for the future of our planet and the impacts of climate change go far beyond the academic level. This Summer School gives her the opportunity to explore and deepen the environmental field on a very interdisciplinary level through the lens of professional and academic with very different backgrounds.

 Gozde Saral 

asf copyGozde was born in Turkey. After completing her undergraduate and Master’s studies on astrophysics, she is currently doing her PhD at the University of Geneva, Department of Astronomy. Even though her formal training is in a different field, she has been doing volunteering work in NGOs related to global environment problems, such as rural environment, and forestry issues related to deforestation, biodiversity decline, and soil erosion, which have become highly important lately in Turkey. Since 2009, she is an active member of the Research Association of Rural Environment and Forestry (KIRCEV), which is one of the most important NGOs in Turkey. KIRCEV is approaching environmental problems with a scientific, systematic, and technocraticly competent way. She has participated in several field projects supported by the United Nations Development Program (project “Promotion and Conservation of Buxus sempervirens forest in Firtina Valley, Rize, Turkey”) and Global Environment Facility’s Small Grants Program (project “Method for Identification and Dissemination of Multi-purpose Energy Forestry Applications”). With the completion of this summer school, she hopes to enhance her skills as an effective environment volunteer, but also progress along a professional career path  in the field of sustainable development.

Mart Duitemeijer

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Having studied Sociology and International Relations, public common goods like the environment are of great interest to me. I firmly believe that a transition to the sustainable production and use of energy is one of the major challenges our world is facing. As I have started my own business in the past and currently work at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, I recognize how the transition to a sustainable world creates opportunities for businesses and industries.

Two weeks in Geneva will hopefully enhance my knowledge of the relation between the environment and the energy transition, further my understanding of cooperation between the public and the private sector, and ultimately support me in creating synergy between sustainable and commercial goals.

Sven Jadyschke

sfd copySven Jadyschke is an industrial engineer who works in the natural gas and trading industry. He knows about the balancing act between environmental issues and producing energy. His is interested in are all about oil and gas, trading, real estates, culture and good eatings. 

Callum Alexander

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Originating academically in financial control I now study and work in the reinsurance industry. I envision specialising professionally within the measurement of increasing risk related to climate and weather systems, with a particular interest in areas of increased flood risk. From this course I hope to gain a technical knowledge of the causes and effects of climate change and its progression and forecasts, which will aid achieve this ambition. Furthermore, having experience in the Construction industry has fostered an admiration of sustainable development of buildings; an area which I believe is closely linked to helping mitigate climate change and therefore critical for the future. 

Peter Tinkasiimire


Peter is a Ugandan with  a Bachelors degree in  Development  Economics from Makerere University. He also holds a Professional Certificate from the Chartered Institute of  Marketing,  and has substantial marketing and managerial  experience from previous roles in the private sector.   He is currently working with the Petroleum Supply Department in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, and is passionate about environmental  protection, energy and sustainability as well as  promoting and increasing accessibility of renewable energy sources to all members of community.

Attila Farkas

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Attila holds a degree in International Relations and European Studies from Central European University. His main focus is on the security aspects of the changing energy paradigm: regional cooperation, human security, relationship between environmental risks and the energy system, as well as the ethical questions concerning energy consumption. Having worked in and for government bodies, had dealt with regional EU funding and EU funded projects as well. Besides work he is engaged in higher education talent management and support as a volunteering activity. 

Darya Latour

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I’m currently studying for my bachelor’s degree in International Relations at the University of Geneva, specialising in International Law. I chose this summer course as I am very interested in environment and energy and I wanted to widen my knowledge on this topic. I believe that environmental issues are at the heart of today’s society and wanted to be more aware of all the action that can be done from different perspectives. In my future studies and career, I would like to combine two of my fields of interest: international law and environment.